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“A condensed, cost effective and IMPACTFUL experience in the outdoors. All the great things my team and I have been working on for over a year is in this fantastic course. I am proud to put my name to it, and excited to see the positive difference it will make” - Sam Sykes

‘24 Hours in the Wild’ – Sam Sykes launches the UK’s most innovative outdoor experience

Sam has launched a new and exciting outdoor course as a developmental tool for young students. ‘24 Hours in the Wild’, an experience initially aimed at Year 7 to 13, will involve Sam and his expert instructors taking 12 students for an unique experience into a remote landscape for a 24 hour period.

The students will be exposed to the outdoors with only sleeping bags and bivouac covers for shelter, they will experience a proper sunrise and be encouraged to consider a number of questions about their personal lives, relationships, attitude and aspirations for the future. It is hoped that each individual will experience their very own personal journey, yet will work together with the other 11 students taking part, using skills such as team building and communication. With no access to anything manmade, for example, mobile ‘phones, and no artificial light, they will have only the countryside around them.

The intense experience aims to build character and work as a developmental tool to help them move forward and consider the impending life decisions ahead of them. It is a process of continual development. A few months later, the students will revisit the answers given at that time and discover whether they have experienced improvement or change.

OR CALL US ON 015394 43157

Central to Sam’s focus for the future is in educating people of all ages about taking on new challenges and getting outdoors. He appreciates that a challenge for one person might be climbing a mountain, whereby for another, it could simply be taking a short walk. One of the country’s top providers of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award at bronze, silver and gold level, Sam and his team of experts have delivered professionally led expeditions across the UK and overseas for more than 30 years and seen first-hand, the positive difference it can make to people's lives, particularly youngsters.

““We are extremely excited about the ‘24 Hours in the Wild’ experience and how this will help young people develop as a whole: mind, body and soul in an environment of solitude, social interaction and team working.” - Sam Sykes

“The students will learn skills such as leadership, responsibility and self-belief, attributes that are essential to their transition from young people into adults - crucial to the workplace and wider community.” - Sam Sykes

‘24 Hours in the Wild’ will initially be based in the Lake District, although there is every opportunity to undertake this experience in other locations across the country.

OR CALL US ON 015394 43157

As Seen...

24 Hours in the Wild participant
  • "I wanted to email you to let you know how much our students enjoyed their recent night out in the Peak District. My colleagues who accompanied them up there were impressed with your team and I think it’s safe to say that the students got out of the experience exactly what we wanted them to."

    Neil Kenny
    Deputy Headteacher
    Hertswood Academy

  • "24 hours in the wild is a fantastic opportunity for young people to grow into more resilient, flexible and confident individuals. It could be the catalyst that triggers motivation to develop a growth mindset, where they begin to see every challenge as a learning experience. We know that students need more than exam results in life after school - they need grit, willpower and a positive attitude; this experience will certainly help them develop those traits. "

    Jackie Beere OBE
    Teacher Trainer
    Life Coach

  • "It's been my experience that no time spent in the wilderness is wasted, especially if experienced in isolation and by a young mind. Here, boredom becomes contemplation, discomfort becomes growth, and endless whining becomes silence (you hope!)."

    Andy Kirkpatrick

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